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✔ Algonika (Algonika) - natural kollagenova alginate mask ✔ buy in Brest at the best price. ✔ Algonika available in stores. ✔ features, reviews and price in Brest. Brest region, Belarus

Algonika facial mask - Why do I have to buy it, opinions, price

Product description ✔ Algonika  - natural kollagenova alginate mask (Brest) ✔. Reviews, instructions for use, composition and properties.

Most of today's women care about the condition of their skin, so far as possible to prolong her youth and attractiveness. Only not everyone is able to achieve the desired effect. And the reason is most often that ladies choose the wrong anti-aging cosmetics. A tool that is suitable for everybody we offer manufacturers a rejuvenating alginate mask ALGONIKA (Algonika). They argue that such a mask with all natural, restores the natural youthfulness and beauty of our skin is not worse than expensive salon treatments. And in addition, protects from UV rays, prevents premature aging of the skin, moisturizes it, removes inflammation, rashes and age spots. However, the divorce this is true? Will alginate collagen mask ALGONIKA to restore youth and beauty to your skin?

Why do we age Algonika?

Of course, aging and skin aging, as well as the whole organism, the process is natural and inevitable. But doctors call a multitude of factors that greatly speeds up:

  • improper diet;
  • lack of proper rest;
  • frequent exposure to UV radiation;
  • bad habits;
  • using the wrong cosmetics, etc.

The first "swallows" of aging - Algonika

The symptoms of skin aging are well known:

  • loss of skin elasticity and firmness;
  • the fuzzy oval of the face;
  • pores;
  • uneven complexion;
  • the appearance of facial wrinkles;
  • puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

How to stay young and beautiful -  Algonika?

Experts advise to eat right, so that the skin has received all the necessary vitamins and minerals, avoid prolonged sun exposure, try to relax and devote to sleep at least 8 hours a day. But, as a rule, this was not enough, you need to carefully selected, high-quality anti-aging treatment. For example, the recent recommendation of many beauty-bloggers - natural alginate collagen mask ALGONIKA.

ALGONIKA mask – make your skin perfect!

Unique natural composition of such a mask real reviews cosmetologists be called a real revolution. Among the ingredients means:

  • Marine collagen restores firmness the elastin and collagen fibers in the skin, normalizes its moisture, improves the condition of blood vessels and complexion, protects from negative effects of sunlight and free radicals.
  • Concentrate brown algae and diatoms prevents the formation of wrinkles, eliminates inflammation, improves lipid metabolism, thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities and helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Concentrates Cordyceps, amaranth seeds, seed oats, the Altai deer antlers, daisies, clover, seeds, grape seed, juniper, buckthorn, toffee, rose hips, dandelion, vitamins D and E improve the General condition of the skin.

In General, the mask ALGONIKA is as follows:

  • increases skin elasticity;
  • normalizes the natural production of skin collagen;
  • accelerates the recovery processes at the cellular level;
  • removes age spots;
  • intensely moisturizes and tightens the skin;
  • improves metabolism in skin cells;
  • helps to get rid of scars and inflammation;
  • prevents formation of wrinkles and acne;
  • increases the efficiency of the use of nourishing creams, tonics, etc.

That this mask really performs the claimed function, in no small part evidenced by the fact that we were not able to detect the negative reviews about this wonderful tool.

Usage instructions Algonika

The way masks are applied ALGONIKA the following:

  1. Thoroughly clean the face, neck and chest area using foam, tonic or gel for washing.
  2. To prepare and apply the mask on the face, neck and decollete.
  3. In 20 minutes, using cotton pads dampened with water to remove the mask, starting from the bottom edge upwards.
  4. Wipe the face with tonic and apply nourishing cream.

Use of mask is recommended 1-2 times a week.

Carina, 35 years old,

I, like everyone else, secretly hoped, I'll always be young and beautiful, but after 30 years I began to notice that the years take their toll. The skin on the face became a dull, there are spots. Then formed the nasolabial folds and "crow's feet". I tried different creams and serums, the result is not seen, decided it was time to inject fillers and start collect money for this procedure.

The mask ALGONIKA friend advised me. Her face was transformed magically for those six weeks that we haven't seen. At the age of 42, she really began to look at 32! From her I learned where you can buy this mask. And already the first application I was shocked. The skin on the face tightened and freshened. Fine wrinkles are gone and even my eternal dark circles under the eyes is visibly lightened. Now I know why you want to spend the accumulated money on the following masochki ALGONIKA because they still need to do periodically. Better than injections of nowhere, with unpredictable consequences. A great substitute for "radical" ways! Mask ALGONIKA suggest!!!

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